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Experience Colombia! It's beauty and mystique make it a special place that's delightfully different and a unique treasure!

You're in for a wonderful surprise when you visit the Caribbean coast of Colombia. Perhaps part of it's charm is that it's not your traditional vacation destination. But there's so much to see, to do and to discover in Colombia. The natural beauty is astonishing; the historical preservation is refreshingly inviting; and the food, the culture, and especially the people are so welcoming. Its not that people from all over the world have never been there as Colombia attracts travelers from everywhere. It's simply a place you'll take home with you and treasure forever.

Cartagena - Rich with History

Cartagena, Colombia is one of the top vacation destinations in all of South America due to is rich history, extreme beauty, great food, nightlife & entertainment, and delightfully friendly people.

Cartagena is extremely well-protected and well-preserved and features many beautifully restored colonial building that now serve as hotels, bed and breakfasts, restaurants and shops.

If you enjoy history there is plenty to explore in Cartagena, including La Popa, Castillo San Felipe, Santo Domingo Church and of course the famous Walled City of Cartagena.

Whether you enjoy the South American sun or the shade of a beach-side cabana tent, you'll treasure your experience of the Boca Grande beaches thanks to the local vendors eager to feed you, entertain you or help you to relax with an impromptu foot massage on the beach.

Cartagena provides an interesting mix of old and new with a unique blend of modern architecture, tall buildings and 16th century churches, colonial mansions and military fortresses.

A short boat ride from Cartagena takes you to the beautiful archipelago of Islas del Rosario. These islands feature serene beaches, coral reefs, an amazing outdoor aquarium and great food!

A day trip to the Rosario Islands is virtually a mandatory excursion for anyone visiting Cartagena if you want to experience paradise for a few hours.

Or if you prefer an overnight stay will provide you with the experience of a lifetime in any of the several islands resorts that feature your own cabana with royal treatment from the caretakers.

Santa Marta - Marvelous Beaches

El Rodadero is one of the most popular beaches in all of Colombia. The shallow waters are warm and calm and inviting to anyone wanting to escape the heat of the day's hot sun. Many flock to the beach at night to enjoy the sunset and evening entertainment that frequents the shores.

Santa Marta and the "Rodadero" strip feature many popular resort hotels and bed and breakfasts that sit right on the beachfront. The views are absolutely spectacular.

A short 30 minute taxi ride over the mountains just north of Santa Marta is a bay called "Taganga" where you can catch a boat ride to many of the region's private beaches.

Santa Marta offers fresh fish caught daily by local fishermen in the Caribbean Sea or the Magdalena River, the principle river of Colombia that flows north from the Andes Mountains.

No matter which beach you visit you are guarantee rest and relaxation. Take your pick!

This beach is located in Parque Tayrona short walk from Canaveral where many people rent hammocks for their overnight stay.

The palm roof of the cabana on the hill is a great place to relax, enjoy the views and a meal prepared by the locals of Parque Tayrona.

The waves on the northern shores have carved and polished the landscape into one of the most beautiful places on earth. Be sure to bring you cameras as this is a place you will want to share with your family and friends and remember forever.

Barranquilla - Home to Carnaval

Carnaval de Barranquilla is a Colombian tradition dating back to the 19th century and combines the heritage of Spanish and African imigrants, as well as the indigenous people of the region.

Carnaval takes place every February during the four days preceding Ash Wednesday. This annual celebration is influenced by many forms of music and dance, with Cumbia being the favorite for most locals

Central to celebrating Carnaval are the parades that take place in the heart of the city each day, but rhythmic music and dance can be heard and seen in every neighborhood across the city.

A short drive from downtown Barranquilla is Puerto Colombia and the beach front community of Salgar. Puerto Colombia is one of the original Spanish ports providing access to South America from Spain and other nations that claimed Colombia their home centuries ago.

Although Barranquilla is known as an "industrial" city as a major port and city of commerce to the people of Colombia, it is also the host to several major university's and museums and has some of the cleanest and most beautiful homes on the northern coast of Colombia.